Dharma Readings - Intuitive guidance to help you live better

dave levine of dharma readingsPsychic, intuitive, channel, guide—call me what you like. What I do is use these abilities to help you gain clarity about life situations when you are conflicted, confused or uncertain. Our sessions assist you in recognizing your own truth and highlight how to create the life you desire.

Often life situations such as relationships, finances, work, losing a loved one, or health issues challenge us. Dharma readings can offer a light in the darkness during these difficult experiences. Readings also offer insights for moving into exciting new life experiences like birth, marriage, making a career change, or heeding a calling. Dharma readings can help you find the gift in challenges and transitions, and help you move toward your true purpose—and a richer, happier and more fulfilling life.

Often there is a particular challenge, theme or topic that you would like assistance with; we start there. (Check out “Preparing for a reading”) I’ll guide the session and work interactively with you through direct verbal communication, guided meditation and visualization, and energy work. Sessions tend to have back-and-forth communication through the process. And I guide you to information that best serves you at the time. Often there are tools for you to take with you to reinforce what you learn, to help you live better. Feel free to read some testimonials to get an idea of how Dharma Readings can help you.

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