Even though you’d never met me before, you really hit the nail on the head with your visioning of specific places that I cherish and my deep personal connection with two special horses and the image of the mother and baby whale. You helped me affirm many things, and I feel much clearer with my sense of direction.
-Sharon Hervey, Louisville CO

“Your reading was very informative and just what I was looking for. Thanks again for a great and precise reading.”
- Traci Bredenkamp, St. Augustine, Florida

“I’m very glad I had the session with you. I was a little nervous, I have to admit, but it was very helpful and went very well and I very much appreciate everything you had to share”.
- Kathy Wilson, VIneland NJ

The first time I met Dave, I immediately sensed his unearthly and weighty connection to the spiritual realm. Our session was my first brush with interactive metaphysical work, and I not only felt safe, but was absolutely relieved at the session’s productivity.

Dave’s focus and clarity felt real, truthful and specific. His readings reinforced what I had intuitively thought all along but was too paralyzed to act upon.

I would recommend his talent to anyone seeking guidance, change and/or emotional information concerning themselves or loved ones.

Since our work together, many new doors have opened as a result, and the recorded session tapes still provide invaluable insight and emotional support after the fact. If I could liken Dave to someone of prominence, I think he’d be like the Jack Johnson of the psychic world—grounded, earnest, and seeking to make the word a better place. Thanks Dave!
-Rebecca Wilson, Los Angeles, CA

Dave has an incredible gift! I’ve had several readings with him and each time they were spot on.  He is able to hone it on just the guidance needed and the information he receives is very accurate.  He gave details about an upcoming trip that there is no way he could have known.  I highly recommend Dave if you are looking for guidance or clarification in your life.
Laura Powers, Lafayette, CO

Dave is what I would call a “back door” healer. He doesn’t shove anything in your face about who he is or what talents he has, but boy does he have talents! He works with a gift that he has clearly been familiar with his whole life and made me feel very at ease while he was channeling. He is super articulate and took his time to interpret the messages in the best way he could for me. What I also love about Dave is that he is a just a real guy – and that helps so much in a setting like this. I’ll be coming back for more!
-Cynthia Stadd, Boulder, CO

I was a little unsure about having a reading since I had never had one before. Dave was quick to explain the process and make me feel at ease. During the reading, I was able to visualize at a level I have never been able to before. The reading helped me process some tough questions in my life. The best part was Dave gave me tools to use in my daily life. Thanks Dave!
-Sandy Weede

“I felt very peaceful and a sense of ease.”
-Julie Smith, Boulder, CO

When you sit with Dave for a channeling of precious words about your process, you will be hearing the instructions about how to remove your barriers and then move onward. Your session with Dave will assist your knowing about who you are, why you are here amongst us, and how you may offer yourself going forward.
-John. R.M. Day, Crestone CO

I’m really glad I was sitting down when I asked what guides were with me and you said Mother Mary as I had a vision of her on the way here. That was uncanny! I appreciate the confirmation and validation of what I had been feeling. I’ve had numerous readings but I can only count on one hand those that truly leave me stunned. Your reading was just included in that list!!
-Dottie Motynk, Denver CO

Dave has a gentle, open demeanor and is great at creating a comfortable space where you can feel free to ask any question. His readings are clear and direct, giving just the information you need. My reading was very interactive- more like a conversation with the guides than a one-sided delivery. This format allowed me to develop a much deeper understanding of what I was being told. Dave is a great resource if you’re facing a big decision, experiencing life changes, following a spiritual path, or just wanting some clarity.
-Deb Derykere, Lafayette CO

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